The main difference of car aud...


The main difference lies in the car audio and home audio:

1, listen to the different environment, home audio can create an ideal listening environment, car audio is limited to the narrow space inside the car and unreasonable listening position.

2, the speaker unit home stereo precise design ideal and ideal loudspeaker unit installation position. Installation position of car speaker unit is limited to the door and the car body, not ideal, but also between different loudspeaker unit discrete placed.

3, home audio is listening on an ideal space for quiet, isolated noise and acoustic reflection of corresponding measures. Car audio will be disturbed by outside noise, the car of large area glass also difficult to deal with the acoustic problem of specular reflection.

The two big problem facing the...


1, because the car horn installation location is not ideal and acoustic wave caused by specular reflection inside the actual frequency response is not ideal problem.

2, because of the different car horn installation position and listeners are there in the distance and time difference of sound field and sound image localization result is not ideal problem.

Two main problems mentioned above is not solved, it is impossible to achieve the ideal car audio HI-FI effect.

Wie song SE series DSP power a...


In the face of the two main technical problems of car audio conversion, traditional power amplifier is incapable of action, wie song SE series DSP power amplifier with audio signal processing ability strong, can easily solve these problems:

1, in the face of the loudspeaker unit characteristics and factors caused by different car frequency response is not ideal, can adjust the frequency corresponding through DSP amplifier built-in 31 EQ, frequency compensation of attenuation frequency much, through such a frequency correction and achieve the ideal frequency response effect. (power amplifier for each channel are respectively 31 EQ regulation, including 4 section adjustable Q custom EQ). Tell from some kind of meaning is regulated by EQ can make the ordinary horn also play the ideal sound effects.

2, in the face of the loudspeaker unit different installation positions and listen the voice playback time distance difference (difference due to the current transmission speed, the transmission speed of sound in the air is 340 meters / second, ear to ear sound to reach the two time difference of perception is very sensitive, the human ear is by the sound to reach the interaural time difference to judge the direction of the sound.) SE series, DSP power amplifier for each channel with 0 - 20 ms delay adjustment function, by adjusting the delay time can be made from the listener a relatively recent horn the appropriate time delay play music, and listen to achieve synchronous sound distant horn at the time of the. Inside the car, listen, solved the different inter speaker playback time, can be very good to reproduce the sound image localization in stereo music. The sound will be broad in many.

In a word, beauty song SE series DSP power amplifier sound signal processing ability strong, he can easily make different loudspeaker response to achieve the desired frequency is not ideal in the car under the environment. Can also let the speakers of different installation position synchronization of sound reproduction, thereby reducing the ideal sound and accurate imaging. (the traditional car amplifier does not have the above function, the car sound and frequency response depends on the speaker's own characteristic, also cannot modify different speaker time difference, so you cannot restore the ideal sound field, sound image localization is also poor.)

Other major characteristics of...


1, using computer software tuning, speaking on clear and accurate data, the form is also more professional, but also easy to train more qualified tuner.

2, Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, get rid of the limitations and constraints of the wired connection, also brings the possibility for future extensions and applications.

3, save and import tuner file, to achieve rapid completion of tuning and remote assistance.

4, the user through remote control switch 4 tuning preset setting mode, the product more value and facilitate the implementation of the multi effect display and experience. Listen to the tone in difference time switch different tuning setting allows customers to clearly feel the effect.

5, do not open tunings permissions, DSP amplifier, mixer requires adapter using a dedicated, ensure that the power not because of improper setting of customers cause effect worse even system damage.

He can solve the defects in special environment of car audio conversion when the car under, improve technical level, audio shop and improve customer satisfaction, enhance the shop sales.